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Dr Sugata Mitra and Dr Suneeta Kulkarni have pioneered this e-mentorship program to support self organized learning and provide direct encouragement to participants. The Granny Cloud is being used to connect mentors all over the world with students in Africa via Project Hello World.

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Working together with the community, we’re making 100% recycled fleece blankets out of plastic bottles. Yes, out of bottles. The project will launch in Ghana and, in addition to providing refugees with blankets, will create jobs, primarily for women.


With the help of the community, we trained masons in Nigeria to build houses from recycled plastic bottles. The bottles were collected from local hotels, restaurants, homes and embassies and used to create ‘mud bricks’. The first prototype is up and running  in Kaduna, Nigeria.


We trained a limited number of women in soap and shea butter production and product development. Originally, the project was intended to help those women who participated and to have an immediate impact on their lives. It has since grown into a strong community business, creating jobs for many other local women in the process.

Bwari Soap Company

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We’re moving communities from dependence on aid, to independence. We need your help to reach as many people as possible.

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Sign up as an online volunteer to mentor the students of Project Hello World in Africa. Hidden txt 2 space out buttons more evenly

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Contact Katrin Macmillan at for further details on how you can get involved with our projects.