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Meet The Team



Caleb Flynn

Hello World Engineer

Caleb has a wide knowledge of technical systems & IT disciplines. Caleb aims to empower individual & community ownership of technology through implementation of open source solutions. His experience with the open source community has taught him that increased access to information creates bonds between users & developers creating a community, fostering innovation & enabling ownership.  As an IT consultant for the past ten years, Caleb manages physical & online resources for corporate & community organizations including: Civic Commons, KRUU-LP 100.1 FM, Bonnell Building Project, Walker Group, Pico Youth Center & The Beatbox.


Katrin Macmillan

Founder and Director

Katrin founded Projects for All in 2013 with the aim of fostering community ownership of development projects and thereby empowering marginalized communities. Her passion for giving a voice to individuals and communities was shaped by her time living in Nigeria and Ethiopia working in human rights advocacy and development.


Judith Mueller

Director of Monitoring and Evaluation

Judith is the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) at Projects for All and is passionate about empowering communities by giving them the means by which they can effectively assess the progress of a project. She does this by creating easy-to-follow guidelines and templates that not only foster community ownership of a project but also provide the necessary tools to enable communities to share their story both in quantitative and qualitative terms.

Judith has experience in a number of fields, including managing data collection, monitoring and evaluating project implementation, teaching quantitative analysis to students and conducting economic and environmental impact analyses.


Roland Wells

Technical Director

Roland is the Director of Technology at Projects for All.  He is strongly committed to building a community’s technological capacity. By involving and working together with all members of the community during the implementation of each project, Roland not only helps to foster community ownership but encourages the community to work with new technologies. He is passionate about contributing to positive change in the projects, businesses and communities he is involved with.

Roland has broad experience in a number of fields, including community technology education, community engagement and development, entrepreneurial business development, operations management, disaster response, connected technology, sustainable building technology, and radio and film production.

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Okiror Nathan

Community Liaison, Entebbe, Uganda


Ria Brij

Project Analyst

Ria serves as project analyst at Projects for All and assists the team with data monitoring and evaluation. She graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 2013 and has since worked for the Peter C. Alderman Foundation (PCAF) and the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN). At both organizations she worked primarily on data evaluation, grant writing and communications.

Ria is passionate about using her background in data analysis to make knowledge and education more accessible. Her most transformative experience has been visiting Uganda, where she got the opportunity to survey and interview local community members on their experiences with mental health programming.


Ashley Dixon

Writing Resident

Ashley Dixon is PFA’s first “Writing Resident” at Projects for All. She is a graduate of Bard College, where she majored in Anthropology and is currently in the International Education Policy & Management graduate program at Peabody College of Education, Vanderbilt University. Her research interests include the incorporation of local knowledge and expertise in policy making, the relationship between expertise and power in policy making, critical global citizenship education, decolonization, economic development and the internationalization of education. Ashley has four years of teaching experience at elementary and junior high schools in rural Japan.


Fr. Syvlanus Mushabe

Community Liaison, Fort Portal, Uganda


Laura Onasch-Vera

Communications Coordinator

Laura is attending the University of Southern California pursing her Masters in Social Work. Her passion for empowering others started at a young age when she had an experience working with marginalized youth in Colombia. This life-changing experience solidified her commitment to work with communities to tell their own stories.



Aliyu Zubairu

Suleja Community Support

As well as helping build the Hub in Suleja, Aliyu maintains the technology and works with the community to help them to navigate the system. He is also supporting data collection and documenting the activity at the Hub. Aliyu is from Suleja, Nigeria. He has a diploma in computer science and is experienced in computer software, applications and maintenance, as well as in security technology. Aliyu is a volunteer at the Dominion Children’s Home where he reads story books to orphaned children.



Margarita Aswani

Strategic Communications Consultant

Margarita Aswani is a highly skilled consultant, specialising in democracy and governance program designs, with a focus on communications and advocacy. She is an achievement-driven International Relations/Communications professional with over 15 years outstanding project management and implementation experience in public and private sector settings. For more than a decade, Ms. Aswani has worked with a number of international and local entities in Nigeria and in the US, including Development Associates Inc (DAI), the UK Department for International Development (DfID), the British Council, the United Nations Development Programme, the Nigerian National Assembly, Lafarge Nigeria Ltd, Schumacher & Associates, the International Republican Institute, and a number of political parties in various countries in Africa.


Ceinwen McMillan


Ceinwen has had a varied career in editing and academic research.  She has an MA in English Literature and has studied psychotherapy and law. She has worked for an Environmental Law NGO and in a secondary school and has campaigned actively on environmental matters. Ceinwen is English by birth but grew up in Australia.


Duncan McMillan

Programme Manager, Learn Chemistry

Duncan specializes in online education. He has worked in factual and entertainment television for a variety of companies, including the BBC, Hat Trick Productions, and Skyworks. He was part of the founding team of Whizz Education, now an international maths tutoring company, and there developed curricula and managed resource production.  Duncan currently manages the Royal Society of Chemistry’s online education service, Learn Chemistry. He has a Masters in Science Communication from Imperial College, London.

Jonathan Stadlen

Jonathan Stadlen

Executive Producer

Jonathan is a Bafta-nominated and Royal Television Society award-winning television producer, and the creator of the Pineapple Dance Studios TV series. He is also the founder of Knickerbockerglory – one of the first independent production companies to operate a profit-share system for its staff. He wasn’t allowed to watch TV until the age of 12, then studied Drama, Theatre and Television at Bristol University where he first met Katrin Macmillan.


Dr. Geoff Wells

Writer and Researcher

Dr. Geoff Wells is an independent writer and researcher, living in South Australia.  He comes from a background of senior university and business positions, and has worked in international humanitarian and development projects over four decades.

Lai Yahaya

Lai Yahaya

Policy Entrepreneur

Lai Yahaya is a lawyer, development economist and policy entrepreneur who advises African governments on economic reform, energy sector restructuring, privatisation, public sector reform and public financial management issues. He is currently Team Leader of the Facility for Oil Sector Transparency and Reform (FOSTER),  a donor-funded initiative designed to support the restructuring of the oil and gas sector and to increase transparency and accountability in oil sector governance. He received his BA (Hons) and MA from Balliol College, Oxford University, is a Yale World Fellow and sits on the Boards of the African Leadership Institute and Africa 2.0 amongst others.

Advisory Board


Marcus Exall

Digital Director, DRAFTFCB London


Sophie Kelly

CEO, The Barbarian Group


Tom Adams

Director of Impact, Acumen Fund


Surina Narula MBE


Lane Merrifield

Founder, Fresh Grade


Sugata Mitra

Professor of Educational Technology at the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences at Newcastle University, UK


Anna Southgate


JW Headshot

Julian Wolfson

Associative Director of Business Development, Acumen


Andrew Kimball

Executive Vice President